Personal Data Processing through Social Networks

We, the ST group, maintain publicly available profiles and presence in social networks. This document represents the personal data protection information notice of the social media activities operated by STMicroelectronics NV and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as the “ST group”) on third party Social Media platforms (e.g., Facebook).

A detailed description of the processing of personal data we undertake is set forth on our Privacy Portal at portal/corporate-privacy-statement.html

The social media links only provide the links to the corresponding third party providers. No data is transmitted to these providers unless you click these links. Clicking these links takes you to the platform of the corresponding provider.

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram etc. can generally analyze your user behavior comprehensively if you visit their platform or a platform with integrated social media content (e.g., like buttons or banner ads). When you visit our social media presence on these platforms, numerous data protection-relevant processing operations are triggered.

If you are logged in to your social media account and visit our social media presence, the operator of the social media platform can assign this visit to your user account. Under certain circumstances, your personal data may also be recorded if you are not logged in or do not have an account with the respective social media platform. In this case, this data is collected, for example, via cookies stored on your device or by recording your IP address.

Using the data collected in this way, the operators of the social media platforms can create user profiles in which their preferences and interests are stored. This way you can see interest-based advertising inside and outside of your social media presence. If you have an account with the social network, interest-based advertising can be displayed on any device you are logged in to or have logged in to.

Please also note that we cannot retrace all processing operations on the social media platforms. Depending on the provider, additional processing operations may therefore be carried out by the operators of the social media platforms. Details can be found in the terms of use and privacy policy of the respective social media platforms.


Our social media appearances should ensure the widest possible presence on the Internet. This is a legitimate interest within the meaning of Art. 6 (1)(f) of the GDPR. The analysis processes initiated by the social networks may be based on divergent legal bases to be specified by the operators of the social networks.


If you visit our presence on one of the social media platforms (e.g., Facebook), we, together with the operator of the social media platform, are responsible for the data processing operations triggered during this visit. You can in principle protect your rights (information, correction, deletion, limitation of processing, data portability and complaint) vis-à-vis us as well as vis-à-vis the operator of the respective social media platform (e.g., Facebook).
Please note that despite the shared responsibility with the social media platform operators, we do not have full influence on the data processing operations of the social media platforms.


We have no control over the storage duration of your data that are stored by the social network operators for their own purposes. For more detailed information on data processing by the social media platform provider and further options to object to this processing , please refer to the Data Privacy Policy of the corresponding social network operator.


As of the effective date of this document, we have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, KakaoTalk, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and WeChat.

Effective date: November 2021.